Chocolate Custom Moulds

Your wish is our command when it comes to creating custom chocolate moulds.

We can create any shape to match any theme or include a logo, names or initials.

Either choose from the designs here or work with us to design something new.

Create your very own customised message on a freckled heart shaped premium chocolate. All our chocolates are freshly made to order.
Custom Wreath Chocs
Custom Initials Chocolates
Giant Frog with Logo
Winery Choc
Key to my Heart
Bell Chocs
Ornate Choc
Infinity Choc
Heart Choc
Kombi Van
Just Married
Doily Choc Foiled
Kombi Van Foiled
Clear Box
Foiled Chocs




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Pricing & Packaging

We can customise your message to any shape or size, just ask! 

We can create custom chocolates in almost any size and shape! Our most popular custom chocolates are our custom chocolate squares which are 8cm x 8cm. These are made to fit perfectly inside a clear box so that your beautiful custom-designed message shines through. You can also have the chocolates foiled in a colour to match your theme! We have a huge variety of colours available. 

Below are prices based on our popular 8cm sq. (plus mould set up fee). 

For other shapes and sizes please contact us.

Additional Options to Personalise

Premium Milk Chocolate

50 Chocolate Bars 8cm sq

60 - 99 Chocolate Bars 8cm sq

100 - 149 Chocolate Bars 8cm sq

150 - 199 Chocolate Bars 8cm sq

200 + Chocolate Bars 8cm sq






Custom Designer Sticker 

Guest Names on Clear Label

Pre-Printed Sticker

$0.60ea + $15 artwork fee

$0.60ea + $15 artwork fee