Designer Jars

Jars can be filled with smarties, individual coloured chocolate beanies to match your theme, foiled hearts and more. Standard prices are listed on our information sheet HERE. Please contact us for a specific quote. 

Below are our jar shapes with customised stickers, swing tags or printed Smarties™ / Beanies.

Yes, we can print on Smarties™ / Beanies, just ask us.

Tim Jars
Carla Jars
Apothecary Jars
Metro Jars
Heart Jars
Star Jars
Add a Sticker
Add Custom Labels
Choc Beans
Standard Sticker
Customised Sticker
Customised Sticker
Customised Stickers
Customised Sticker
Carla Jar
White Printed Beanies
Tiffany Blue Pearls
Custom Sticker
Twine Bow
$7.80 each + artwork + setup
Carla Jar Guest Names
$10.20 each
+ $20 artwork fee
Metro Jar Pearls
$5.10 each
+ $15 artwork fee
Tim Jar - Rustic
$4.00 each
Lavender Carla Jar
Complete with foiled hearts and bow
$7.50 each
Metro Jar Place Cards
$5.60 each
+ $15 artwork fee
Apothecary Love Jar
$6.60 each
+ $15 artwork fee
Splatter Smarties
$3.60 each
+ $15 artwork fee
Carla Jar TY Tag
$6.00 each
Carla Jar Love Tag
$6.00 each
Carla Jar Love Tag
$6.00 each
Light Bulb Jar
$4.00 each
Mini Coke Bottle
$2.40 each
Test Tube Bottle
With Printed Beanies or Smarties
$2.65 each + Setup

With Unprinted Beanies or Smarties
$2.00 each
Printed Gold Band
Apothecary Jar with Chocolate Pearls
$6.00 each + $15 artwork fee
Peach Flower Carla
With Chocolate Pearls & Custom Sticker
$7.50 each + $15 artwork fee
Tim Jar with Bow
With Printed Beanies
$6.00 each + setup fee
Heart Jars
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Designer Jars

Have a question? Ready to put through your order? Want to know more about the designs? Want to get a quote? We're happy to help...

Tim Jar with Bow

With Printed Beanies $6.00 each + setup fee