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Gourmet Naked Bars

Nothing says thank you like freshly made gourmet chocolate bars filled with your favorite treats! Take on the role of Willy Wonka and design your own taste sensation! Our naked bars are made fresh to order right here in our factory with your choice of premium cadbury milk chocolate or nestle white chocolate. No need for flashy packaging, we let our naked bars do all their own talking. Each bar is hand-wrapped with care in a clear wrapper to ensure every ounce of deliciousness shines through.

Priced from $4.50each.

Make your own gourmet bars...

1. Choose your chocolate!

Choose from our freshly made Milk or White Chocolates!


All naked bars include the "chocolate" mould seen here, exclusive to Chocolate Works. Bars are 14.5cm x 5.5cm.

2. Choose your favourites!

3. Place your order!